Centrum Technical Information


The Centrum is a 21,000 square foot, climate-controlled, multi-use performance hall, worship space, lecture hall, and recital arena that can host a variety of programs.  Built in 1997 by Cypress Creek Christian Church, the hall was updated in 2021 after extensive damage from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Orch. Vineyard (sides)104
Balcony Vineyard36
Total Capacity823 (875 with additional flex seating)

Stage Dimensions: (see drawing)

Height: Cathedral (no fly or curtain) 59’

Width: 56.5’ (extending to 87.5’ on sides to entrances)

Depth: 20’ to 17’ (after the center 20’)

4 permanent stage risers at the rear of stage, 14” high, 40” wide with recess for music stands

Truck Loading:
Entrance from Yorkminster; room for one vehicle at the dock.

Loading Dock Door 20” off ground, 6‘ wide, 7‘ tall (subject to change)

Ramp up to work area 13’ wide and 25’ Long (+ street)

Work area is 20’ X 7.5’

Doors from work area to stage is 7’ X 7’

All arrangements for union stagehands are made through the technical director.


Dressing Rooms:

  • Dressing Room #1 – upstairs stage right
  • Dressing Room #2 – upstairs stage right, with shower and restroom
  • Dressing Room #3 – stage right downstairs, 6-10 people, with couch, sink, small restroom, countertop and makeup mirrors, access to rear of the stage.  (Green Room)
  • Dressing Area #4 – two private changing rooms next to Dressing Room #3 (Green Room) behind the stage.
  • Dressing Area #5 – large dressing room with adjacent restroom, multiple makeup mirrors and countertops. (5-6 people). (Bride’s Room)
  • Dressing Area #6 – adjacent building – 10 people
  • Dressing Area #7 – additional building – 10+ people

Rehearsal Rooms:

    • Rehearsal #1 – 290 seat performance space with Steinway 5’10” Model L grand piano and Visser-Rowland 2-manual, 13 stop tracker pipe organ
    • Rehearsal #2 – 30X40 choral warm-up room with Storey&Clark 6-foot grand piano
    • Rehearsal #3 – 30X30 rehearsal space with a spinet piano

Orchestra Pit:
In front of the stage is an area 56.5’ wide and 6’ deep.  Stairs between the pit on the audience level and the main stage are optional.

Musical Instruments:
Steinway 9 – foot Model D Grand Piano
Allen Bravura Series L452 4-manual organ with:

    • 40 memory captures, each with 15 Generals, 6 Divisionals, Tutti I and II, Crescendo B, draw knobs and toe studs.
    • A complete stop list is available on request.

Lighting Inventory

Lighting Board:
ION XE 20 2K-US – Ion Xe 20 Console with 2048 Outputs/Parameters, including:

  • 10,000 control channels
  • 10,000 cues
  • 4 encoders
  • 1 high resolution level wheel
  • 2 ethernet ports
  • 4 DMX Output connectors
  • 2 Display ports
  • Solid State Hard Drive
  • USB Ports
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Viewsonic TD2230 HD LED Touchscreen Monitors, 22”

Lighting Instruments:
Above stage lighting, inaccessible:
6 ColorSource Spot Engines with barrel, installed with:

  • 19-degree enhanced definition lens tube with lens (2),
  • 26-degree enhanced definition lens tube with lens (2)
  • 36-degree enhanced definition lens tube with lens (2)

15 Altman AP-150 Zoom Lens LED PAR wash fixtures

6 Mega Lite MW1 Moving light wash fixtures
Above house, inaccessible:
6 Mega Lite MS1 Moving light spot fixture (located above house in 3+3 configuration)
Cove lighting, moveable:
14 ColorSource Spot Engine with barrel, installed with:

  • 14-degree lens tube with lens (8),
  • 19-degree enhanced definition lens tube with lens (6),

Processing (mechanical room):
Strand C21 non-contactor Dimming Modules
Strand C21 dimming system
Additional lighting:
2 Lycian Club spots 7.5 with 750-watt lamp, iris, shutter, GOBO slot, mechanical fader, 6 color boomerang, and 3-legged base with casters.

Electrical Service 

General Building Specifications:

  • Amperes: 1600
  • Volts: 480
  • System: 3 phase, 4 wire
  • Road Box: ITE Indoor Circuit – 225 AMPS Max

Sound Inventory

Booth located left and front of balcony.

Mixing Board
Allen & Heath Avantis 64-channel with digital expander

4 Avantis digital stage boxes with ports at stage right, center, and left at the rear of the stage

Main cluster (split left and right):

12 Adamson CS7 Line Array Speakers

4 Adamson CS119 Subwoofers
Balcony Delay fills:
2 Adamson CS10P Speakers
Remote speakers:
44 Atlas FAP Series speakers located in Lobby, Hallways, Backstage, Bathrooms, Brides Room, Offices, and Equipment Room
Stage monitors:
4 QSC K12.2 speakers

12 Shure AxientADX2 Handhelds

4 Shure Axient ADX with Senal UEM-155 head mics

6 Shure P10TR425CL in-ear transmitters and receivers


  • 6 2-channel intercom belt packs
  • 5 1-channel intercom belt packs

Stations at sound booth, media booth, spotlight positions, stage entrances, house, and various backstage locations.

ADA hearing impaired devices
32 Listen Tech receivers LR-200-072

3 – PTZ Lumens VC-A50 cameras

Blackmagic Smart Videohub

Video wall using Novastar VX4S processor connected to 33 Optic-3X panels, each 10×3 (total of 16 feet across)

8 – direct feed monitor televisions located in Lobby, stage entrances, handbell balcony entrances, bride’s room, and backstage.

Arrangements for the augmentation of the existing sound and lighting system can be made by the agreement of the Centrum Technical Director and/or Executive Director of the Community Center.

Additional lighting can be added through DMX and power.  Additional DMX outputs are located on both sides of the stage, on the first floor.  Wired microphones can also be added through the stage boxes located on the left, right, and rear of the stage.

House stage power and lighting configuration will accommodate complex lighting designs, but additional lighting instruments can only be attached to the cove or directly on the stage, as the above stage lighting is not available for modification.

Marley flooring can be brought in for acts involving dance.

Staging can be brought in at additional charge to extend the front depth of the stage by 6′.

The floor stage is oak; please make all efforts to try and keep from scratching.