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As a piano/vocal teacher with 47-students, I am always looking for performance halls for recitals with a piano that is in excellent condition and properly tuned, a good location, adequate parking, cleanliness, space for a reception with a kitchen and lastly, but very important, personnel that communicate effectively, and in a timely manner, along with on-site staff available the day of my event in case something unexpected is needed (extra chairs or tables, lowering the room temperature, etc.). Having just completed my first recital at The Forum, I can truthfully say every need was met. And I am very grateful. My students and their parents loved the venue. The acoustics were excellent and the seating comfortable. The performance hall was large and Steinway Grand piano was a welcomed bonus. Performing at The Forum was a joy; so much so that I’ve already book the venue again.

Carol B. Hodgin

The Cypress Creek Community Chorale Concert, April 28, and the Cypress Creek Choral Festival, May 3, both used a new approach to performing in the Forum Auditorium. The tiered steps, under the balcony, were used for the choirs and the chairs, usually in that space, were placed in front of the windows for audience seating. This eliminated the need for risers for the performing groups, and the sound was spectacular. Audience and choir members loved the space and the sound resonated throughout the auditorium for all to enjoy!!

Cypress Creek Community Chorale

Through the years, we have used the outdoor playground, upstairs classrooms, gym, forum, sanctuary, and kitchen. My daughters have fond memories of “Friday Night Live”. I’ve been to memorable concerts there in the Centrum. The Center has truly been a gathering place for my family and the whole community.

Kyrel Broxton, MD

I have used the Forum and the Centrum for piano recitals since the year 2000. I used to use the Centrum for my Annual Spring Awards Recital, and the Forum for my Christmas Recital. Now I just use the Forum for both, which, even though the Centrum is not in use, is my preference for my reduced class size. I have 19 piano students.

I have had many compliments from the audience on my recitals. I credit part of that pleasure from the facility. The Forum is the perfect place for a student recital. The acoustics are great, the size is perfect, and the piano is wonderful. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to use it for my recitals.

My students all like the piano very much, and my students’ parents are pleased with the venue. Thanks for making it available

Rebecca S. May, BM, ACM, NCTM

The Art Ministry was started in 1991 with a handful of artists from Cypress Creek Christian Church and surrounding community meeting once a week for three hours to share in their joy of painting. Within three years, it had grown to having two groups meeting five hours a day and also a night group that meet for three hours once a week. The artists who paint together range from beginners to professionals and represent many different religions and walks of life. Meeting at the Community Center made a difference. There is a positive encouraging atmosphere that has created bonds of caring and friendship that go way beyond the process of painting. New people are always welcomed as the Ministry changes from year to year. The Art Ministry is a joy!
Our Art Ministry has had an Art Show for the last 13 years every spring, the main idea is to show off all the work created that year by our artists, yes we sell art too but the most important thing is to showcase our artists.
When Harvey hit we were so sad the church sustained such terrible damage but we were adopted by John Wesley Methodist Church and we went and painted there for over a year. When we were given the all clear to come back and paint at Cypress Creek again we were over joyed to be home!!

Art Ministry Participants

Constable Mark Herman is proud of his relationship with the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center and its great staff. Norma Lowery, the Executive Director of the Community Center, is a wonderful person and an extended member of the Precinct 4 family.
In the past four years, Constable Herman has sworn in hundreds of new deputies and promoted dozens more inside its confines. The Precinct 4 Constable’s Office is blessed to know Norma and we’re blessed to have regular access to this wonderful facility

Donald Steward, Chief Deputy Administration

The Community Center has been a wonderful partner to the Barbara Bush Branch Library. They have been gracious enough to partner with us for Summer Reading and Gulf Coast Reads programs. We could not provide these great programs without the assistance of the Community Center. The library could not ask for a better neighbor in the Cypress Creek Cultural District.

Clara Maynard

Over the past 30 years, I cannot begin to count the number of times I have been to CCCCC for a variety of social, cultural, musical and community programs. Founded to be a benefit to others, CCCCC fulfills a vital need as a comfortable and welcoming home to individuals and organizations who request cost-effective space for services and programming. As coordinator of the annual EBONY program honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I am very appreciative of the staff who have worked directly with our group for over 10 years to establish this program as a community asset. Many thanks to the CCCCC for its long-standing and powerful Christian presence in the Spring and Houston communities. Its work has enhanced all of our lives!

Gloria Aldridge

The Enrichment and Brotherhood Organization of Northwest Youth has used the CCCCC for over 35 years to have cultural programs for the community. The facility has been perfect for our programs, the staff is very helpful, and we look forward to using the facility in the future.

Judith Marshall